Reptile Systems D3+ Reptile T5 Zone 3 UVB Lamp

T5 UVB lamp for desert reptiles such as Bearded dragons and Tortoises

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  • T5 UVB lamp for 3ft enclosures
  • Generate the all-important vitamin D3 reptiles need to absorb calcium
  • 3 models available
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For desert reptiles such as Bearded Dragons and Tortoises that are kept in vivariums, the Reptile Systems D3+ UV T5 Reptile Lamp is perfect for giving them the UVB light they need to generate the all-important Vitamin D3 they need to absorb calcium.

These have higher UV light output than most reptile strip lights - a healthy 12% UV, better simulating the natural light your reptile would have received in desert conditions, where foliage and cloud cover are limited and your reptile would bask in the full heat and UV light of the sun.

For best results, use with a T5 electronic controller (such as the Arcadia T5 controller) and replace after 1 year of normal use. This light will only operate if used with the correct T5 electronic ballast. It is strongly recommended by Reptile Systems to position the UV light 15cm to 20cm away from the reptile.

These can be used as the replacement bulbs for the Reptile Systems Eco Zone 3 T5 unit.

Example of Ferguson Zone 3 Animals: Frilled Lizards, Black & White Tegu, Day Geckos, Yemen Chameleons, Indian Star Tortoises, Leopard Tortoises, Bearded Dragons, Red-Eared Sliders, Iguanas, Bosc Monitors.


Product Length Diameter Wattage UVB Kelvins
Reptile T5 Zone 3 UVB 24w 550mm 16mm 24W Zone 3 7000k
Reptile T5 Zone 3 UVB 39w 850mm 16mm 39W Zone 3 7000k
Reptile T5 Zone 3 UVB 54w 1150mm 16mm 54W Zone 3 7000k
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