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Popular Starter Kits

Bearded Dragon - Silver

Our best-selling kit, this provides a great starter unit for young dragons

Chameleon Kit - Silver

Including a mesh style ReptiBreeze, providing a perfect natural home

Tortoise Kit - Bronze

Complete with Tortoise Table, this is an ideal starter for a new baby tortoise

Corn Snake Kit - Bronze

An ideal small kit for a hatching snake, ideally for Corn, Kings or Milk snakes

Leopard Gecko Kit - Silver

A small vivarium to get you started with your new Leopard Gecko

Crested Gecko Kit - Gold

Complete with a glass terrarium, so ideal for Cresties up to adulthood

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Swell Reptiles - Reptile, Amphibian & Invert Supplier

Swell Reptiles are committed to supplying the very best, and most comprehensive, range of reptile keeping equipment in the UK. Our popular range of Swell products comprises everything from housing to thermostats, reptile lighting, heating and décor, and compliments a full stable of well-known leading brands such as Exo Terra, Habistat, Vivexotic and Arcadia.

We carry a wide variety of vivariums, terrariums and faunariums to house all manner of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, along with everything required to keep them in good health over the complete lifetime of the animal.

Not only can we supply all of the hardware needed to create a completely natural environment for your pet, which will be fully up to date with current research ensuring the habitat is conducive to quality care, but we also provide a vast range of both live and frozen food delivered direct to your door.

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On a Budgett

On a Budgett

The Budgett’s frog can endear, scare, horrify and intrigue at the same time. Here’s how to keep one. Budgett’s frogs are more aquatic versions of their cousins the horned frogs and come from the Gran Chaco region of South...

How to look after a Yemen chameleon

How to look after a Yemen chameleon

Yemen chameleons, also known as Veiled chameleons are so-called for the prominent crests on top of their heads. They are found in Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia and live an arboreal lifestyle. Trees, shrubs and other...

How to look after a Mediterranean tortoise

How to look after a Mediterranean tortoise

Mediterranean tortoise species include Hermann’s (Testudo hermanni), Spur-thighed  (Testudo graeca), and Marginated (Testudo marginata). It’s always recommended that your specific species be researched for a more...

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