Microclimate Connect Thermostat

Take full control of your vivarium's climate with this app-controlled thermostat

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  • Dual-channel device with a thermostat and an auxiliary channel
  • Connect from anywhere and make changes on the go
  • Instant notifications whenever your temperature swings high/low
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What is this Connect Thermostat from MICROclimate?

MICROclimate's brand-new Connect Thermostat is a revolutionary piece of equipment, designed to connect you to your vivarium while you're on the go. This dual-channel device is made to be used alongside MICROclimate's simple yet intuitive app, which you can use check in on temperatures inside your vivarium, as well as power outputs from your lamps and bulbs.

MICROclimate Connect Thermostat Key Features

  • Dual-channel device with one thermostat channel and one auxiliary channel
  • Multiple units compatible with the easy-to-use Connect app
  • Monitor all your vivariums on the go from a single mobile device
  • Set alarms to notify you when there's a dramatic temperature swing inside your vivarium
  • Select ramps times to simulate more natural 24-hour and seasonal temperature cycles
  • IP-rated waterproof sensors on each channel protect against splashes and ensure accurate temperature readings

Why should I buy this Connect Thermostat from MICROclimate?

The MICROclimate Connect Thermostat is packed with great features that make it stand out from others on the market. As a dual-channel, cloud-connected device, it has one thermostat channel and one auxiliary channel. The main thermostat channel offers both dimming and pulse temperature control, while the on/off auxiliary channel is great for lighting or misters.

To make set-up even easier, a mounting solution has been built directly into the control box. This box is sleek and small, allowing for discreet installation inside your vivarium. Since everything is monitored and controlled via the Connect app, there's also no need to have it on display - hide it away and keep your vivarium looking as natural as possible.

This MICROclimate Connect Thermostat is taken to the next level when paired with the dedicated Connect app. This app is available on iOS and Android and is both easy-to-use and full of functionality that you can modify to suit your needs. From this app you can see real-time temperatures inside of your vivarium, as well as temperature data across the last 12 months. You can also monitor current set points and the power output status of each channel, ensuring your treasured pets are getting just the right amount of UVB light and/or mist.

The Connect app goes a step further too, allowing you to select ramp times that create a more natural temperature cycle inside your vivarium. This avoids rapid heat gain/loss, keeping your reptiles safe and sound. You can also change your settings for different seasons to simulate the kind of conditions your reptiles would experience in the wild, leading them into a safer winter slowdown and spring wake-up. And just in case of any dramatic swings, the Connect app will step in with its smart alarms and send a push notification to your phone, informing you what's gone wrong inside your vivarium. It doesn't just let you know there's an issue either, it also cuts power to the problem channel until you've confirmed that everything has returned to normal.

The Connect app can support multiple Connect Thermostats, as well as MICROclimate's EVO Connected Thermostats. This simplifies your system and means that you can keep an eye on everything happening across your vivariums from just a single device. It's worth noting, though, both MICROclimate's Connect Thermostat and MICROclimate's EVO Connected Thermostats require a WiFi connection to set up or change settings in the Connect app.

Is a thermostat important for my vivarium?

A thermostat monitors the heat inside your vivarium and maintains it at a set temperature by adjusting the outputs of your heating equipment accordingly. This is essential for reptiles as they rely on their surrounding environment when it comes to maintaining their internal body temperatures. Not all reptiles need the same amount of heat, but they do all require some heat and the best way to monitor and deliver that is with a thermostat.

There are a few different types of thermostats, but the main ones are pulse thermostats, dimming thermostats and on/off thermostats.

A pulse thermostat sends power to your heating equipment in, you guessed it, pulses, creating waves of heat that wash across your vivarium. These are best used with ceramic heaters.

A dimming thermostat slowly increases or decreases the power to your heating equipment to simulate a natural 24-hour temperature cycle. These are best used with light-emitting heat sources, like bulbs.

An on/off thermostat works like a light switch. They can only give full power to a heat source or none. These are best used for large, low-power equipment like heat mats and heat cables.

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