Microclimate EVO Connected 2

Twin channel wifi thermostat

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  • Twin-channel thermostat for reptile enclosures
  • Connects to your phone for complete peace of mind
  • Easy to read digital display and buttons
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An incredible smart thermostat for all vivs. A breeze to set up and use.
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What is the Microclimate Evo Connected 2 thermostat?

With an outstanding record for safety and successful animal protection, the Microclimate Evo Connected 2 stands out from other reptile thermostats. This model boasts a wide range of features, including multi-channel control and the ability to control lighting ramp times as well as integration with the Evo Connected mobile application (WiFi connection required)

The new capacitive touch display offers precise data logging, with settings like the on-screen temperature history graph, while the main control box housing is designed to protect the thermostat itself completely with a mounting solution built directly into the rear of the thermostat. The unit is connected to all the cables from your heating devices by just a single cable and includes its own IP-rated sensor for full temperature gradient monitoring.

The multi-time zone setting is perhaps the most impressive feature as it has the ability to recreate the completely natural temperature cycle of each season through each heating element. This means that you can help your pet feel more comfortable throughout their yearly cycle. The Connected 2 offers both pulse proportional thermostat and on/off thermostat modes.

Why should I buy this Evo Connected thermostat?

Each heat source in your vivarium must be paired with a thermostat to protect your animals against over or underheating. This thermostat is designed to monitor and control two heat sources at the same time in either a single or multiple enclosures.

This model is made even more impressive by the Evo Connected mobile application (WiFi connection required). The app allows you to view alerts from your mobile home screen and even make changes to the power output status of the thermostat on the fly through a familiar menu system. You can monitor and control the heat in different parts of the same enclosure or different enclosures entirely as each individual heat source is teamed up with its own IP rated sensor, featuring a sensor failure alarm and live temperature graphs for added safety.

If you don't want to download the app, you can also access your thermostat via the web dash board which has all the features from the app including current channel temperatures, control centre and environmental control. 

What are the different types of thermostats and which do I need?

It's key that you understand the different types of thermostats and what each offers before making a purchase. There are three types of thermostats to bear in mind while shopping for reptile enclosures and vivariums; the pulse thermostat, the dimming thermostat and the on/off thermostat.

Pulse thermostats release energy to your heating elements in timed pulses, creating heat waves similar to those found in the wild. Pulse thermostats are designed to be paired with ceramic heaters and heat mats.

Dimming thermostats gently increase and decrease the power to a heating element, like a dimmer light switch, to simulate sunrises and sunsets. Dimming thermostats are best used on light-emitting heat sources like heat bulbs.

On/off thermostats simply turn on and off, like a regular light switch. They are designed to only give full power to a heat source or none at all. On/off thermostats should be used with heat mats and heat cables.

What outlets does the Microclimate Evo Connected 2 have?

This model has two outlets that cover a range of thermostat functions; a pulse/dimming outlet and an on/off outlet. Each outlet has its own benefits:

  • Channel 1: Pulse/Dimming Thermostat - This outlet can be used to slowly increase or decrease the intensity of heat bulbs and emitters through a pulse selectable channel. You can use it to recreate sunrises, sunsets and heat waves as well as prevent your pet from over or underheating. This channel can be used with heat bulbs for the best results.
  • Channel 2: On/Off Thermostat - This outlet simply turns heating and lighting emitters on or off like a light switch. It’s best for solutions that constantly run like heat mats.

Which Microclimate Evo Connected device should I buy?

Choosing the best-connected device in the Evo range for you can be a challenge. Each of the models is largely the same meaning that they all boast the same high standard of quality, however, each offers a slightly different service. The important thing to consider is your current heating system and any changes you are going to make to it in the future. Each multi-channel cloud connected thermostat has clear benefits:

The Microclimate Evo Connected Pro has both of the channels that the Connected 2 has with an added hygrostat channel for controlling humidifiers and misters. This is the perfect choice for tropical and rainforest vivariums.

The Microclimate Evo Connected 3 has all the great features of the Connected 2 with twin pulse/dimming outlets and a single on/off outlet, making it a great choice for multiple setups or a large enclosure.

On the other hand, the Connected 2 comes in at a lower price point and offers plenty of features to run small, medium and most large terrariums.

Please note: you can also run multiple Microclimate thermostats at once from a single app if you require more outlets.



Combined load 1200W
Warranty 5 years
Wifi compatible? Yes
Country of origin UK


Model Microclimate EVO Connected 2
1st port? Yes, dimming/pulse
2nd port? Yes, on/off
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