ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder with Bracket

Ceramic reptile light fitting with mounting bracket

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  • Ceramic lamp holder designed to withstand high temperatures
  • Rated for use with heat emitters and lamps up to 300W
  • Includes standard E27 fitting, 1-year guarantee and 2m cable
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What is the ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder with Bracket?

The ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder with Bracket is a ceramic lamp holder that can withstand high temperatures experienced when using heat lamps and ceramic heaters. The fitting can handle up to 300W heat, far beyond the average produced by heat lamps in snake setups and lizard setups. As the fitting is so strong, it can work with a vast array of vivarium bulbs and heaters, so you can find the perfect solution for your pet.

What does this lamp holder come with?

The ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder with Bracket comes with a mounting bracket (sometimes called a fixing bracket), that is easy to install into your vivarium with screws (not included). This model also comes with a 12-month manufacturers' guarantee, making this the best choice for your reptile heating and lighting needs.  The cable that runs from the fitting also features 2m of heat-resistance silicone, to withstand high temperatures experienced in close proximity to a ceramic bulb or ceramic heaters.

What should I buy with this ceramic holder?

We recommend using a guard and thermostat with the ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder with Bracket to protect your pets from high temperatures. Heat guards are cages that sit around the ceramic lamp holder to prevent curious reptiles from burning themselves by getting too close. On the other hand, thermostats monitor the temperature within your enclosure and ensure that it doesn't become too hot or cold by turning on the heating if the temperature changes.

What heat lamps and ceramic heaters does this fitting take?

Manufactured according to EU safety standards, the ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder with Bracket will take any standard E27 screw fitting bulb. The fitting is also compatible with all the ProRep Guards, making it the ideal choice for flexibility.



Fitting Standard screw (E27) fitting
Guarantee 1 year
Cable length 2m
Cable material Silicone
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