ProRep Heater Guard Rectangular

Rectangular reptile light guard designed to protect reptiles

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  • Rectangular heat guard for spot lamps and ceramic heaters
  • Protects reptiles from burning themselves
  • Two sizes available
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What is the ProRep Rectangular Heater Guard?

The ProRep Rectangular Heater Guard range is designed to protect animals from powerful light and heat sources while allowing maximum light penetration. The guard is fitted with four mounting brackets to enable flush mounting around your heater or light fitting. It is also fitted with double security fasteners and a unique hinged panel that serves as an easy-access door, allowing you to get to your heat source or light bulb without removing the cage. At the rear of the cage, there's a cut-out for cable entry to enable easy hardware setup. 

Why do I need a heater guard?

While lots of reptiles and other animals rely on heating elements and lights for survival outside of their natural habitat, this hardware can be dangerous if your pets get too close. Curious reptiles can get seriously burnt by exposed elements and even damage the hardware by accident, therefore it is vital to install heater guards or similar to protect both animals and electricals.

What is the difference between the models in this range?

The ProRep Heater Guard comes in two sizes the ProRep Heater Guard Large Rectangular and the ProRep Heater Guard Standard Rectangular. The ProRep Heater Guard Large Rectangular is designed to hold large heat bulbs that need plenty of space. Alternatively, the ProRep Heater Guard Standard Rectangular is designed for small ceramic heaters and other small heating elements.



Brand ProRep
Colour Black
Width 12cm


Model Height
Standard 16cm
Large 22cm
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