Arcadia Ceramic Heater

Reptile ceramic heaters for vivariums and terrariums

At a glance...
  • Ceramic bulbs emit heat without light
  • Can easily be used alongside UVB lighting
  • A great heat source for ectothermic species
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What is an Arcadia Ceramic Heater?

The Arcadia Ceramic Heater range is made up of beautifully designed ceramic bulbs that produce infrared heat to act as a radiant heat source without any visible light. While there are three different ceramic heat lamps in the range, they are all standard E27 screw fitting so will be perfect in any screw fitting ceramic holder, the only difference is the amount of heat they produce.

Why should I buy a ceramic heater?

A ceramic heater is essential for many nocturnal reptile species, as it creates the heat they require to power each natural biological function without emitting visible light. A ceramic heat lamp is an alternative to a standard heat lamp to provide heat as many nocturnal species are unable to function in full visible light but do require high temperatures. Arcadia Ceramic Heaters can also achieve heat transfer through thick natural slate and other conductive, non-flammable material to create basking spots.

How long do ceramic heaters last?

Most ceramic heat lamps will last for around two years when used with a pulse thermostat to control the temperature and ensure both you and your reptiles are kept safe and secure. A pulse thermostat is designed to gently pulse the power to the bulb to control the temperature to what you require. Thermostats are key to the longevity of the bulb as they ensure the correct amount of power is going to the bulb and that it is carefully controlled at all times.



Fitting E27
Guarantee 1 year

Temperatures/Distance Chart

Distance Ceramic Heater 50W Ceramic Heater 100W Ceramic Heater 150W
150mm 58C 65C 71C
200mm 47C 50C 52C
300mm 36C 40C 42C
400mm 30C 38C 40C


Product Dimensions Wattage
Ceramic Heater 50W Approx. 80mm 50W
Ceramic Heater 100W Approx. 80mm 100W
Ceramic Heater 150W Approx. 85mm 150W
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