White Python Ultra Slim Heat Lamp

Slim and efficient reptile ceramic heater

At a glance...
  • Ultra slim ceramic heater for terrarium heating
  • Slim design frees up more space within your terrarium
  • Different Wattages to suit different fittings
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What is a White Python Ultra Slim Heat Lamp?

White Python Ultra Slim Heat Lamps are compact ceramic heaters that are designed to act as a radiant heat source within your reptile terrarium or vivarium. Each shortened heat lamp offers a non-light-emitting heat source that can heat whilst staying hidden, for a more aesthetically pleasing terrarium. Like competing ceramic bulbs, the White Python ultra-slim ceramic heaters use the infra-red method of heating to maintain the ambient temperature of your encloser without disturbing your reptiles.

Why should I buy a White Python Ultra Slim Heat Lamp?

Many reptiles will be irritated by light-emitting heat bulbs that will often prevent them from being about to behave normally or sleep, even when there is only a small amount of light being produced. The best approach is to use a heating element with no light output. These ultra-slim heaters provide exactly that, making them a reptile keeping staple and a great choice for many enclosures.



Brand White Python
Diameter 10cm
Height 6cm
Fitting Screw


Model Wattage
WPY010 60W
WPY011 100W
WPY012 150W
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