Swell Ceramic Heat Emitters

Ceramic bulb to provide long wave infrared energy

At a glance...
  • Flat ceramic screw-fitting heat bulbs that emit no light
  • Uses infrared heat to warm your reptile
  • Come in a range of sizes to suit many set ups
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Swell Ceramic Heat Emitters are flat ceramic screw-fitting bulbs that emit no light and perfectly heat the vivarium of a reptile, amphibian or turtle. The infra-red heat emitted penetrates the scales and skin tissue, which helps health and healing.

These ceramic lamps must be used with ceramic fittings such as the Swell Ceramic Lamp Fitting as they can melt plastic fittings. To prevent, the vivarium getting too hot, we recommend using them in conjunction with Swell Pro Digital Thermostat.

The 150W, 200W and 250W models of the Swell Ceramic Heat Emitter are smaller than anything else on the market, and they really pack a punch despite their dinky dimensions.


50w: 75mm diameter x 100mm length
60w: 75mm x 100mm
75w: 75mm x 100mm
100w: 75mm x 100mm
150w: 85mm x 100mm
200w: 85mm x 100mm
250w: 85mm x 100mm

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