Swell Nano Ceramic Lamp

Efficient reptile heating solution for terrariums and vivariums

At a glance...
  • 25W small ceramic heater for reptile terrarium heating
  • Compact black element with an ES screw fitting
  • Emits no light, ideal for warming while your pet sleeps
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The Nano Ceramic Lamp is a 25w bulb that comes with a standard ES screw fitting that will be suitable with almost all holders. It will provide a good temperature in a Nano enclosure, and we recommend this is used with a pulse thermostat to control the temperature accurately and ensure it is safe for both you and your reptile.

Ceramic Bulbs can get quite hot, and shouldn't be reachable by your reptile species. These emit no light, and are perfect for overnight heat where you don't want to disturb the day and night cycle of your reptile, ensuring they don't get too cold overnight.

In the Nano Range, we also have Vision Bulbs and Halogens, for day time to supplement this heat source well.

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