Swell Timer

Create your ideal day/night cycles with this timer plug

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  • Timer plug for heating or lighting power sources
  • Easy to use dial controls allow you to create your own schedule
  • Ideal for creating precise routines for your pet
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The 24hr Timer from Swell Reptiles means you can quickly and easily set the time that your reptiles lighting or heating equipment turns on and off, with just the push of a button. This gives you completely control over a 24hr time period, in 30 minute sections, you just push the blue segments up and down to determine it being on or off, as required.

With any heating source, we recommend you use a thermostat, but this may be ideal for controlling day and night time settings, of either heat or lighting, and is great if you're going away particularly. Its important for many reptiles to have a steady routine, and not to be impacted by the changing seasons, unless you intend to breed or hibernate, so a set time of lighting coming on and going off is ideal to control this accurately.

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