Microclimate EVO Connected Pro

Three channel wifi thermostat and humidity controller

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  • Multi-channel thermostat and hygrostat for reptile enclosures
  • Connects to your phone for complete peace of mind
  • Easy to read digital display and buttons
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A superb thermostat and hygrostat for Dart frogs. Easy to set up and manage.


What is the Microclimate Evo Connected Pro?

The Microclimate EVO Connected Pro is an outstanding thermostat and hygrostat at the forefront of exotic animal keeping. As a Microclimate device, it maintains the brand's outstanding record for safety and successful animal protection and boasts all the great features the Evo Connected range is known for. This model allows you to control both the temperature and humidity of your enclosure with precision. To help maintain the ideal environment, this model comes with a range of incredible features including multi-channel control and the ability to adjust the power output status of your temperature and humidity hardware on the fly, as well as integration with the innovative EVO Connected Mobile Application (WiFi connection required) that gives you complete control on the go.

The main control box housing is designed to offer unrivalled protection while still blending seamlessly into your vivarium. The unit is connected to all your heating devices by just a single cable and features its own IP-rated sensor for full temperature gradient monitoring. The built-in touchscreen displays constant data logging from the last 12 months and allows you to track or adjust both the heat and humidity within the vivarium.

One of the most powerful features of the EVO Connected Pro is the multi-time zone settings that allow you to recreate the completely natural temperature cycle of each season through each heating element to support your pet's yearly cycle. The Microclimate EVO Connected Pro offers both pulse proportional thermostat and on/off thermostat modes as well as an on/off hygrostat mode.

Why should I buy this EVO Connected thermostat?

Each heat and humidity source in your vivarium must be paired with a thermostat or hygrostat to ensure the safety of your pet. This combined thermostat and hygrostat is designed to monitor and control two heat sources at the same time as well as a humidity source in either a single or multiple enclosures.

The EVO Connected Pro is enhanced by the EVO connected mobile application (WiFi connection required). The app gives you immediate alerts to changes in the heat and humidity levels within your enclosure and even allows you to make changes, so you can set your Beardie's bedtime while you're out and about. You can even monitor and control each device independently as each heat or humidity emitter is paired with its own IP rated sensor.

What makes the Evo Connected Pro different to other thermostats?

It's key that you understand the different types of thermostats and what each offers before making a purchase as well as how hygrostats differ from thermostats:

  • Pulse thermostats - A pulse thermostat releases energy to your heating elements in timed pulses, creating natural heatwaves, similar to those found in your pet's native habitat. A ceramic heater or heat mat will work well with pulse thermostats.
  • Dimming thermostats - A dimming thermostat slowly increases and decreases the energy flowing through to the heating elements, similar to a dimmer light switch. This prevents harsh jumps in temperature and simulates both sunrises and sunsets. A light-emitting heat source, like a heat bulb, works well with dimming thermostats.
  • On/off thermostats - These thermostats can only turn a heating device on or off, like a regular light switch. Heat mats and heat cables work well with on/off thermostats.
  • Hygrostats - A hygrostat is like an on/off thermostat, but instead of reacting to and managing temperature, it reacts to and manages humidity. Misters and other humidity control devices must be connected to one of these.

What outlets does the Microclimate Evo Connected Pro have?

The Microclimate Evo Connected Pro has three outlets that cover a range of thermostat and hygrostat functions; a pulse/dimming outlet, an on/off thermostat outlet and an on/off hygrostat outlet. Each outlet has its own benefits:

  • Channel 1: Pulse/Dimming Thermostat - This outlet can control lighting, such as heat bulbs and light-emitting heat sources, by slowly increasing or decreasing the amount of power to manage the intensity of the output. This lets you recreate sunsets and rises.
  • Channel 2: On/Off Thermostat - This outlet manages heat mats and heat wires by simply turning them on or off like a light switch.
  • Channel 3: On/Off Hygrostat - This outlet manages humidifiers and misters. It works just like an on/off thermostat by turning devices on or off.


Combined load 1200W
Warranty 5 years
Wifi compatible? Yes
Country of origin UK


Model Microclimate EVO Pro
1st port? Yes, dimming/pulse
2nd port? Yes, on/off
3rd port? Yes, hygrostat
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