Arcadia LumenIZE Pro T5 UVB Kit, D3 Forest, 6% UVB

First ever app-controlled dimmable T5 Lamp, ideal for rainforest-dwelling species

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  • Bluetooth enabled, compatible with LumenIZE app
  • Cuts down on energy spend, saving an average of 30%!
  • Dedicated lighting for rainforest-dwelling species
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What is this new UVB kit from Arcadia?

The LumenIZE Pro T5 UVB Kit, D3 Forest, 6% UVB is the world's first ever app-controlled dimmable T5 Lamp. It's available as part of the brand-new LumenIZE range from Arcadia, which places a big focus on energy efficiency and ease of use. Arcadia is a leading manufacturer of basking bulbs and reptile lights. This particular kit is ideal for rainforest-dwelling species and is available in three different wattages: 24, 39 and 54.

Key Features

  • App-controlled dimmable T5 Lamp.
  • Bluetooth enabled, compatible with the free and easy-to-use LumenIZE app.
  • IP65 water resistance protects against splashes, making it suitable for all types of biomes.
  • Comes with a T5 UVB Tube that's easy to install and change.
  • Reduces energy spend by 30% compared to fixed voltage options.
  • Ideal for rainforest-dwelling species.
  • Available in three different wattages, 24, 39 and 54.

How do you install this kit?

This Arcadia LumenIZE Pro T5 UVB Kit, D3 Forest, 6% UVB is a revolutionary reptile lighting system designed to be installed inside or outside of a reptile enclosure. This kit comes complete with a T5 UVB Tube that's easy to install and change when needed. To install the kit, either screw it into the canopy of your enclosure, rest it on a wire mesh covering your enclosure, or suspend it over the top of your enclosure.

This kit is Bluetooth enabled, so after installation be sure to pair it with the free and easy-to-use LumenIZE app. From this app you can control up to 50 different lamps easily and precisely, simulating natural sunlight and creating dawn-until-dusk lighting patterns that your treasured reptile will love. You can also update your programming in the app to include seasonal increases and decreases in energy, simulating a far more natural and, most importantly, safe lead into the winter slowdown and spring wake-up.

Why should I buy this kit?

The LumenIZE version of the globally trusted Pro T5 has been redesigned with updated electronics, updated reflector angles, and increased water resistance that protects it from splashes and makes it the perfect choice for all types of biomes. It's their sleekest and most effective design yet, offering smooth dimming patterns that, in combination with the LumenIZE app, puts you in control of the sun and provides your pet with a real sense of the seasons, all at the easy click of a button.

Multiple lamps can be linked together using LumenIZE Link Cables. These are designed to easily connect up to 10 units from a single power source, which helps you to cut down on energy consumption while increasing your pet's welfare. A typical LumenIZE system is incredibly energy efficient and can reduce energy spend by a whopping 30% when compared to fixed voltage options, thanks to precise dimming via the LumenIZE app.

LumenIZE enabled Pro T5 Lamps also store your programming within each unit and back this up with a small, exchangeable battery. This protects your programming against power cuts - when power returns your lamp will go back to its regular programming. Its worth noting that if a lamp is unplugged, or unused, the battery will still run and may drain. That said, they're easily replaced using the instructions provided.

Pro T5 Kits are small but mighty, utilising a sleek design and a specially curved reflector to maximise efficiency and project UV-rich light. They project light directly beneath the unit at around 12/30cm to create a basking zone, as well as a wide flood of light that spreads out and allows you to create a suitable UVB provision for any species over a large area.

What is UVB light and why do reptiles need it?

The UV light spectrum is split into three parts. UVB light is light with a wavelength from 260-320nm. This kind of light has a bad rep with humans and is often associated with premature aging, but it's essential for reptiles which need it to synthesise vitamin D3 - an essential vitamin that helps in the absorption of calcium and, in turn, protects against conditions like MBD, or Metabolic Bone Disease.

Different types of reptiles require different amounts of UVB light. This Arcadia LumenIZE Pro T5 UVB Kit, D3 Forest, 6% UVB simulates a rainforest-like environment, where UV-rich light from the sun is filtered by the dense tree canopy. This is perfect for species like chameleons, day geckos, and corn, milk and royal snakes, which don't require as much UVB light as other species.


Product Specifications

Product Length (cm) Watt
LumenIZE Pro T5 UVB Kit, D3 Forest, 6% UVB 59.5 24
LumenIZE Pro T5 UVB Kit, D3 Forest, 6% UVB 89.5 39
LumenIZE Pro T5 UVB Kit, D3 Forest, 6% UVB 119.5 54
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