Swell Leaf Litter 500ml

Natural reptile decor that will engage and stimulate your pet

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  • Dried leaves for decoration in dry and rainforest enclosures
  • Encourages den building and bioactive custodians
  • Free from chemicals and preservatives
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What is Swell Leaf Litter?

Swell Leaf Litter is a pre-packed container filled with 500ml of loose leaves to sit alongside artificial plants, natural wood and live plants. Great natural decor, these dried leaves have many benefits and are perfect for sprinkling over the floor of either rainforest or dry enclosures.

The leaves provide natural cover within your enclosure for bioactive custodians, allowing them to hide from your pet reptiles. These leaves also stimulate behaviour in many amphibian, tortoise and reptile pets, such as dart frogs or small ground lizards.

Why is natural decor recommended in terrariums?

Natural decor, alongside artificial plants and live plants, helps to recreate the natural habitat of your reptile. However, you can't just add leaves from your garden, these may contain parasites and harmful bacteria that could harm your pet. These leaves are completely safe and toxin free, dried to provide a long-lasting leaf that won't break down and compose as quickly.

The coverage created will also help custodians, such as Springtails or Woodlice, to work correctly in your environment, providing hiding places as well as food when it starts to break down and decompose.

What should you buy with Swell Leaf Litter?

While you are buying Swell Leaf Litter for your reptile enclosure, you can look at our special offers on a range of helpful products for different types of reptiles and exotic pets, including branches, decorations, bark and more. For detailed information check out our product pages.



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