Swell Live Giant Orange Woodlice Pre-Pack

High-protein live Giant Woodlice for your pets

At a glance...
  • Giant orange woodlice livefood and bioactive custodians
  • Fantastic cleaners and tasty high-protein feeders
  • Enough to create a bioactive colony
Outstanding cleaners and custodians, we recommend Swell Giant Orange Woodlice for most bioactive enclosures.

What is a Giant orange woodlice Pre Pack?

A Giant orange woodlice Pre-Pack is a starter culture for a Giant orange woodlice colony within your vivarium or terrarium that comes in a plastic container. Giant orange woodlice act as a clean-up crew, or custodians, within bio-active set-ups to remove waste. These terrarium custodians are also a source of live food for many reptiles and amphibians, including Frogs, Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos, Monitor lizards and Skinks. The larger specimens can also be served directly to your reptile, as a live treat, in a smooth-sided dish to avoid escapes.

Unlike other woodlice species, the Giant orange woodlice Porcellio species tends to prefer a constantly damp and humid microclimate which normally means they are suited for rainforest enclosures. In order to get this larger species of isopod set up and breeding before being hunted by your pet, we would recommend getting these in first, before adding any pets, for around 10 - 14 days. When caring for the species, it's important to provide maximum ventilation but you won't need to worry about insect food as long as they have some live plants or waste to feed off.

How big do these Woodlice get?

Giant Orange Woodlice Porcellio sp is a species of isopod commonly used as terrarium custodians or clean-up crew for their size and high calcium content, due to their calcarious exo-skeleton. These woodlice come in various sizes, starting with some that aren't much larger than other Woodlice, to much larger specimens that may attain a length of 18mm long.

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Species Porcellio laevis
Bioactive? Yes
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