Swell Live Mini Speckled Woodlice

The perfect custodian for bioactive enclosures

At a glance...
  • Efficient bioactive cleaning
  • High in calcium to add to a varied diet
  • Ideal when mixed with other custodians

What are Mini Speckled Woodlice?

The Swell Reptiles Mini Speckled Woodlice (Armadillidium peraccae) are the perfect addition to your bioactive enclosure, acting as a clean up crew to maintain your terrarium. A range of bioactive custodians can create a complete ecosystem that breaks down waste in your reptile housing, meaning less cleaning for you and a better and more natural home for your reptiles.

What other custodians can Mini Speckled Woodlice live with?

Any species of woodlice can live together, as well as many other species such as Bean Weevils, Springtails and various isopods.

Do I need to provide anything else for my Mini Speckled Woodlice?

In theory your bioactive custodians thrive on the food in the vivarium from your reptile, waste, uneaten food and natural decor breakdown, but this can be limited in nutrients after a period of time, so there are a selection of additional food stuffs available to supplement them, such as The Spider Shop Iso-Boost, or Arcadia CustodianFuel, which will ensure optimal nutrition to allow custodians to properly thrive.

How do I set up my enclosure for Mini Speckled Woodlice?

Setting up for bioactive custodians is the most important part of owning them, as if you set it all up correctly from the start you should need to do very little long term for them. A good quality substrate and drainage layer will really help, as well as the addition of natural decor such as leaves and wood, as this provides nutrition when they break down, as well as providing lots of natural hiding places for the custodians to hide and thrive in. For more detailed steps, see our blog here about setting up for Bioactive Custodians.

Can my reptiles eat the Mini Speckled Woodlice?

Yes, many reptiles will eat them, and they offer a soft-body, calcium-rich variation to a normal diet. Whilst we wouldn't recommend using them as a standard food source, they can be used as a treat. Providing more natural decoration in the enclosure will discourage them being eaten, allowing them to hide properly and build up their numbers efficiently.

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