ProRep Springtail Food

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  • A complete diet for the maintenance and breeding of Springtails
  • Manufactured from denatured and stabilised yeast
  • Long shelf life
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Springtails breed readily in the right rainforest terrarium set up, and do an exceptional job of breaking down organic waste, meaning that is does not build up and go mouldy in the enclosure. It also allows the plants to use waste to their advantage and thrive from it.

Most springtails feed on fungi growing on rotting plant matter. In culture they can be fed on a variety of foods such as flaked fish food, boiled rice or mushrooms but these can be messy or be difficult to gauge the correct feeding regime. ProRep Springtail food solves all of these problems. Manufactured from denatured and stabilised yeast this food provides all of the nutrients to successfully keep and breed springtails in an intensive culture.

These pellets are super easy to feed, and completely waste free. Every 2 or 3 days simply sprinkle enough food onto the culture medium to last the springtails for 12 hours. It is eaten completely, with no waste, so it is not necessary to remove uneaten or rotting food keeping the culture clean and uncontaminated. This extends the life of the culture and helps avoid "crashing" due to toxic conditions.

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