Swell Catappa Indian Almond Leaves

Delicious millipede food or spectacular decoration

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  • Natural catappa indian almond leaves for decoration or millipede food
  • Can be wetted and mulched down to feed to invertebrates
  • Free from pesticides and chemicals
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The Catappa Indian Almond Leaves come in a pack of 10, in either large or small size, so you can either create a mixed natural environment, or choose one to suit you. These are naturally harvested and dried, without the use of any pesticides or chemicals, and are safe for use with reptiles.

These can be made wet and mulched down for millipede diets, or just placed in your vivarium dry. In high humidity, or if in contact with water for prolonged time, these may break down, as a natural product, and will provide food for custodians in a bioactive enclosure as well.

We have a variety of other natural leaves available at Swell Reptiles, so you can create a mixture of forest "debris", giving a naturalistic and rich envionment.

These are a completely natural product, and as such each will vary. Approximate size is:

  • Large - 17cm x 8cm
  • Small - 13cm x 6cm
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