Swell Banana Leaves

Mimic the forest floor in your reptile enclosure

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  • Dried banana leaves decor for dry and rainforest enclosures
  • Encourages foraging and bioactive custodians
  • Great for forest dwelling reptiles and amphibians
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A fantastic choice for lizard enclosures of all types, perfect for custodians too.

What are the Swell Banana Leaves?

The Swell Banana Leaves are naturally harvested and dried leaf litter that helps recreate the forest floor in your rainforest set-up. By combining them with our other reptile natural decor, you can create an environment that is both natural and exotic. Available as a pack of 10, these banana leaves are completely safe for reptiles and toxin-free.

What reptile enclosure type are banana leaves suitable for?

The Swell Banana Leaves are suitable for creating humid environments. They can also be made wet and mulched down for millipede diets, or simply placed in your vivarium dry. In high humidity, or if in contact with water for an extended period of time, these may degrade, as a natural product, and will provide food for custodians in a bioactive enclosure as well.

Banana leaves can be used as a decorative top layer to create a soft floor covering similar to that found in forests. The banana leaf litter acts as a soft layer for animals to burrow in, encouraging natural behaviours. The majority of reptiles and amphibians forage on the forest floor for food and water. When used as a top layer, the Swell Banana Leaves will help keep your substrate moist and help prevent it from drying out.

What are the benefits of leaf litter?

Leaf litter gives your animals a visual barrier and hideout spots. It's ideal for tropical and temperate species of frogs, geckos, small snakes and lizards, as well as invertebrates. Leaf litter adds nutrients to the substrate as well as food for springtails and isopods, both of which are important components of a naturalistic, bio-active terrarium.

Bag size Pack of 10
Dimensions Approx. L: 26 x W:8 cm
Set up type Rainforest enclosures, bioactive setups
Suitable for All reptiles
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