Swell Live Green Moss

The perfect reptile moss for humid rainforest enclosures

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  • Live green moss adds moisture and oxygen to your enclosure
  • Grows and thrives in light and humid enclosures
  • Comes in both carpet and cushion varieties
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What is Swell Live Green Moss?

Live moss is a fantastic addition to any terrarium or vivarium as it can help to maintain humidity and warmth. Sheet moss and cushion moss are particularly good for rainforest set-ups, however, they have many uses such as helping with a shed. Lots of people also buy new moss from craft stores as a decorative element in flower pots and fairy gardens, as it adds a vibrant splash of green to a display. 

This moss is grown in two arrangements, carpets and cushions. It is suitable to use with almost every species, and should really be kept around 24-32C, with high humidity of over 50%. When buying moss you can select some of our other varieties, such as our live sphagnum moss to create a multi-layer tapestry of greenery.

What are the benefits of green moss?

Moss is a living breathing part of your vivarium, and so will help keep humidity levels up, and also add fresh oxygen into the enclosure from photosynthesis. The moss is prepacked and sealed with moisture, keeping it self-perspiring whilst sealed, and it will freshen up when put into fresh light in the vivarium, though it may appear a little brown straight from delivery.

What's the difference between carpet moss and cushion moss?

Carpet Moss comes in sheets of around 20 x 20cm, though each piece is different and they will vary. They can be placed over the flooring of vivariums, and also around logs and branches, to encourage growth over them. 

The Cushion Moss comes in 5-6" sections, add it in small patches around the vivarium and you can allow it to grow together if you wanted. Cushion Moss can act as a hide, sponge or bed for many pets. These may have brown tints on arrival, though they will brighten up in fresh air and good lighting, allowing a week for the moss to thrive again.



Ideal temperature 24 - 32C
Ideal humidity 50%


Product Type Average Size
SWLR0011 Carpet moss 20 x 20cm
SWLR0012 Cushion moss 5-6 inches
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