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Live Springtails

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Help and advice on shopping for: Live Springtails

Terrarium tidy team

Springtails and isopods make a great combination for your clean up crew. Not only do they help keep rainforest environments clean and tidy, but also provide food for small creatures such as Dart frogs. We stock and deliver live springtails for all sorts of animals to eat, while they keep your terrarium or vivarium clean.

What are live springtails?

Springtails are very small insects a couple of millimetres in length, they get their name from their ability to jump a few centimetres in the air if disturbed. Springtails feed on waste matter and are capable of removing the waste produced by reptiles while also acting as a food source. They also break down the waste into organic compounds that are then taken up by plants in your enclosure. Thanks to their defensive jump they are quite a challenge to catch and can make for a great source of stimulation for your pet. We recommend adding live springtails to a rainforest enclosure about two weeks before adding a pet to allow them to settle and start breeding.

Why should I buy springtails?

Live springtails do it all, they clean and they offer a great little nutritious meal for your reptile. They require no food and you can store your springtails in a cool, dry area anywhere in your house or with your other reptile supplies for easy access. They are generally a great choice for most reptile breed’s enclosures. If your pet is safe to be around them we recommend adding them to your enclosure.

What are the main types of springtails for sale?

We only sell one type of springtail in a small colony ready to be added to your enclosure. This pre-packed colony should be emptied into your enclosure when you receive them and then left to their own devices. If your pet gets a little overzealous and the springtail population starts to decline you can top them up with another colony pack.

What should I look for?

Check that your pet can be kept in contact with live springtails and that they can hunt and eat them without becoming ill. Beyond that, it may be worth doing some research into Springtails to work out how many you’ll need to clean and maintain your enclosure.

If your livefood delivery is ever dormant on arrival, there is no need to worry, they will just be on standby, check out our helpful guide on How to revive dormant livefoods.