HabiStat 600w Dimming Thermostat

Reduce and control the temperature in your enclosure

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  • Dimming thermostat for ensuring your reptile gets both the heat and light it requires
  • Perfect for heat bulbs and basking bulbs
  • Available in 2 colours with a 5 year guarantee
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With a reliable single output capable of sustaining reptile heating equipment up to 600 watts (minimum 40w), the HabiStat Dimming Thermostat is perfect for heat bulbs, basking bulbs and even just light bulbs, ensuring your reptile gets both the heat and light it requires to thermos-regulate, metabolise and digest their food efficiently, contributing to their overall health and wellbeing.

Although most reptile heating can technically be run without a thermostat, doing so requires your constant attention - turning the heating on or off depending on the temperature you record in your reptile's terrarium or vivarium. This causes obvious complications for most people, in that few have the time to spend 100% of their waking hours tending to their reptile's habitat temperature, and most turn to a reptile thermostat like this.

It features a remote sensor which can be placed in your reptile's environment which sends back accurate temperature data to the microprocessor inside the thermostat itself. The thermostat quickly calculates whether your heating intensity needs to be higher or lower to maintain your reptile's optimum temp, and takes action accordingly, dimming or brightening your heat bulb.

Comes with an amazing 5 years guarantee.

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