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Swell Digital Dimming Thermostat

A digital dimming thermostat with day/night feature and built in timer

At a glance...
  • Digital dimming thermostat with built in timer
  • Easy to read LCD display operates and sets parameters
  • Uses real time clock to control day/night feature
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Control the temperature and light in your terrarium at certain times. It’s easy to use and matches up with other expensive brands.

What is the Swell Digital Dimming Thermostat?

Reptile thermostats are one of the most important pieces of kit in a reptile keepers arsenal. They are used to regulate reptile heat sources, maintain a continual temperature at the desired level and prevent overheating.

The Swell Digital Dimming Thermostat is a dimming thermostat for controlling light bulbs produced for reptiles. It features an LCD display for continual readout of nighttime and daytime temperature parameters and a built-in timer, allowing you to set separate daytime and nighttime temperatures and maintain a natural day-night temperature cycle.

It features two separate ports, one dimming port to maintain a continual temperature with your light-emitting heat source, and one on/off port to time the switching on or off of your lighting, fans or spray systems. The waterproof sensor probe is easy to attach to your terrarium or vivarium with a suction cup, this thermostat is our most popular thermostat ideal for use with any heat bulb that emits light.

What are the benefits of using a dimming thermostat?

This dimming thermostat is perfect for most reptile setups such as Chinese water dragon and Bearded dragon enclosures that use light-emitting heat sources such as a basking bulb and a separate UV source. With an adjustable alarm function, which produces both a visual and audible warning if the temperature does outside of the desired range, it maintains the temperature to preset parameters and allows you to control lighting with the additional second port.

The day/night mode also allows you to maintain your reptile's day-night cycle throughout the night by lowering the nighttime temperature and light intensity, meaning you can maintain the day-night temperature cycle seen in nature. The digital screen is easy to use and features a real-time clock and coloured icon flashes.

Is this thermostat cost-effective?

Using this thermostat also helps to avoid unstable changes in temperature and lighting that can be caused by switching on and off frequently, making it safer for reptiles. As a result, the heater or other electrical equipment will last longer and will save money.

Are there any heating devices I can't use this thermostat with?

Dimming thermostats are for use with light-emitting heat sources such as basking bulbs or halogen lamps. This thermostat is not compatible with heat mats, heat cables or ceramic heaters. For these heating devices, it is better to use either an on/off or pulse proportional thermostat.



Temperature control range 0-50°C
Timer output 220W
Heating output 440W
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