Swell LifeCycle Thermostat

Ideal for setting and controlling the temperatures for your reptiles

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  • High precision temperature control
  • Flame resistant material for improved safety performance
  • Wide range of temperatures to cover all reptile needs
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What is the Swell LifeCycle Thermostat?

The Swell LifeCycle Thermostat has a high precision temperature control for your reptiles’ heating equipment and it is very easy to operate as it has a knob, button and screen integrated design.

This Thermostat has an LED screen display that clearly shows real-time, the environment temperature and heating status and can be viewed in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and you can also adjust the time to meet separate needs.

They are made from a flame-resistant material for increased safety and the temperature range can be adjusted from 20-50°c which will cover all of your reptiles’ needs

What are the benefits of this Thermostat?

  • High precision temperature control
  • Easy to operate with the knob, button and screen design
  • The LED screen will display the real-time, environmental temperature and heating status clearly
  • Covers all of your reptile’s needs as the temperature has a range between 20-50°c
  • Can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Can adjust the time to meet the different needs of your reptiles
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