Microclimate B1 Dimmer Thermostat

Slowly raise and lower the temperature within your terrarium with ease

At a glance...
  • Dimming thermostat for terrarium heating
  • Ideal for light emitting heaters
  • Comes with 1m power cable and 1.5m sensor cable
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A staple and popular piece of reptile heating equipment, the Microclimate B1 Thermostat is a dimming thermostat for allowing the accurate and reliable regulation of the reptile heaters that create your reptile's living environment, and is capable of controlling units up to 600 watts.

Heat is important to your reptile, but to keep it accurately within the optimum parameters for your reptile you need to use a thermostat like this Microclimate B1. This standard B1 can control temperatures up 35C, however the unit is flexible enough in its' use, so that you could use this to control the cool end temperature at a lower level, with the hotter end reaching temperatures higher than 35C, which should be checked with the use of a good quality thermometer. If you require temperatures much higher, there is the B1 High-Temperature thermostat instead.

Designed to work with light emitting heat devices like heat and basking bulbs, it dims or brightens your heat bulbs according to the temperature in your vivarium or terrarium, ensuring that your reptile has the best environment in which to live their life.

For this, the B1 is best paired with a digital thermometer, ensuring accurate results.

At a glance:

  • Microclimate 600w dimming thermostat
  • Suitable for the control of reflector heat bulbs
  • A vital piece of equipment for any vivarium
  • Tamper proof temperature setting, power light and heat light
  • Easy to use just plug the heat source in and insert probe into vivarium and set at desired temperature
  • Should be used in conjunction with a digital thermometer
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