VivExotic Repti Home Medium Three Tier Oak Vivarium

The perfect medium three tier oak vivarium stack for small reptiles

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  • Medium three tier oak vivarium stack for small reptiles
  • Easy to assemble flat-pack kit
  • Strong reinforced glass and wood throughout
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Available here in this new and improved classic oak finish, the VivExotic 3 Tier ReptiHome stacked vivariums are the best way to save space when growing your reptile collection, making the most of the same amount of floor space and making caring for your reptiles just as easy.

Arriving with you in Flat-Pack form, these high-quality medium sized vivariums are easy to assemble with a screwdriver, making a great home for small or juvenile desert reptiles, keeping them warm and dry.

Made from FSC approved woods, these vivariums have been constructed using recycled wood and woods taken from sustainable forests too.

Easy and safe to stack, each unit boasts superior cable management systems compared with the old LX36 vivariums, allowing you to wire up your stack more easily, catering to each individual reptile in each viv. They feature improved ventilation and both the back AND the front too, meaning that even though they are stacked, they are less likely to overheat than older models as long as your heating equipment is set up correctly. Your reptiles can be assured of a good clean air supply too.

Each purchase of a 3-tier stack comes with the right number of feet to stabilise the stack, and the glass uses if 5x tougher than normal, withstanding all but the hardest impacts, at which point it shatters into harmless, blunt cubes to save your reptile from harm.

Easy to set up, cheaper than normal, great for your reptile and saves your room in your home.... Go ahead and add this vivarium collection to your Swell Reptiles basket.

Please note: The Repti-Home range of vivariums is not compatible with the Viva+ range of cabinets

Dimensions L:86cm x D:37.5cm x H:134cm
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