Arcadia Deep Heat Projector Lamp

Reptile heat bulbs that mimic heat from the sun

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  • Produces the most effective wavelengths of infrared
  • Provides heat deep into the muscle tissue
  • Projects Infrared A and B
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I ordered my items and received them 2 days later, which was incredibly fast. It was well packaged. Would recommend and will be using Swell Reptiles again.

What are Arcadia Deep Heat Projector Lamps?

Arcadia Deep Heat Projector Lamps are a range of tight beam heat lamps that are designed to produce the infrared light found in natural sunlight. These bulbs offer several advantages over other heating solutions as they give off virtually no visible light, allowing reptiles to exhibit normal day and night behaviours, and come with a thick internal reflector to redirect light into your enclosure. To get essential heat deep into your reptile's body to aid with biological processes, this tungsten heating lamp can be bought in two sizes, a standard 50W or a more powerful 80W.

How long do Arcadia deep heat projectors last?

An Arcadia Deep Heat Projector Lamp is a stable heat provision, unlike a handmade heating lamp. If cared for correctly, this cutting-edge technology can last between 2-5 years in standard heating systems. To ensure longevity, you should pair your projector with a good thermostat and fitting. 

What thermostat do I need for a deep heat projector?

The Deep Heat Projector should be used with a dimming thermostat. This thermostat will gently raise the heat your bulb is giving off until it is reaching target basking temperature and then will slowly decrease and increase the heat, preserving the bulb and recreating natural heat patterns with accurate control.



Fitting E27

Temperatures/Distance Chart

Distance 50W 80W
150mm 55C 62C
200mm 45C 51C
300mm 36C 44C
400mm 29C 36C


Product Wattage
50W 50W
80W 100W
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