Swell Halogen Spot Lamps

A brilliant white light for your reptile's basking area

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  • Halogen spot lamps that produces large quantities of warming UVA light
  • Helps your reptile thermo-regulate
  • Available in three wattages
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Heat, especially overhead sources of heat is one of the most important factors in reptile keeping, and you can provide it easily and affordably with a Swell Halogen Spot Lamp.

Most captive reptile species evolved in a much warmer climate than here in the UK, and require plenty of heat to aid their metabolic functions such as digestion.

Swell Halogen Spot Lamps provide a natural warm area for your reptile to bask. They have a built in reflector to provide optimum light in the basking area. The warmth supports your reptile's digestion and helps keep them healthy and happy.

The bulbs are convenient and great value because they don't require an external ballast and have 2,000 hours life time. Each of these are a different size due to the increase in wattage, so please check the measurements to be sure it will fit in your holder.


  • Provides natural warm area
  • Supports digestion
  • Includes reflector
  • 2,000 hours life time
  • No external ballast necessary
  • Not compatible with thermostats
Wattage Length (minus thread) PAR
50W 50mm PAR20
75W 85mm PAR30
100W 85mm PAR30
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