Swell Clamp Lamp

Ideal for heat bulbs such as infrared heat spot lamps and ceramic heater emitters

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  • Strong, rubber clamp will secure your lamp into place
  • Built-in cage will protect your reptile
  • Can be angled in different directions
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The Swell Clamp Lamp is ideal for heat bulbs such as Infrared Heat Spot Lamps and Ceramic Heater Emitters and is made of aluminium, while the fitting is made from heat resistant ceramic, which allows the use of high wattage bulbs that give off large amounts of heat, without danger of melting the fitting.

To safeguard your reptile when using very hot bulbs this product also comes with a built-in cage that prevents any danger of serious burns to your snake or lizard.

For maximum versatility, this lamp can be angled in different directions and has a simple "on" and "off" switch in-line, while the product itself uses screw fitting bulbs for ease of use. For additional stability, the clamp is also coated in a thick rubber to reduce the risk of slipping and increase grip.

Model Wattage Dome diameter
Small 75W Approx. 21 x 14cm
Medium 150W Approx. 21 x 18cm
Large 200W Approx. 21 x 25cm
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