Swell Nano Halogen Spot Lamp

Efficient lighting and heating for small reptiles and invertebrates

At a glance...
  • 25W small halogen lamp for small reptile and invertebrates
  • Space-saving design with ES screw fitting
  • Lasts longer and produces more heat than typical basking bulbs
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The Nano Halogen Spot is a 25w bulb that provides a base heat level that is suitable for most nano enclosures. Best used with a thermostat to control the temperature effectively, this bulb will fit into any standard ES Screw fitting holder, and provide a light to your reptile, as well as the heat.

Halogen bulbs typically tend to last longer and provide a better level of heat than standard basking bulbs of the same wattage, so this will be suitable for many smaller enclosures, potentially up to around 45cm x 45cm, though this is dependant on the species and its' temperature requirements.

Also available in the Nano Range, we have LED spot bulbs, Ceramic bulbs and Ultraviolet, ideal for invertebrates!

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