Swell Basking Heat Lamps Screw Fitting

Essential basking bulbs for reptiles

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  • Basking heat lamps that provide natural warmth and UVA rays
  • Efficiently focus their light into a single tight beam
  • Available in a range of wattages to suit your setup
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What are Swell Basking Heat Lamps?

Swell Basking Heat Lamps are our own range of basking bulbs designed to create heat and light in a basking area. Most reptiles require plenty of heat to bask in, mimicking the heat they would normally get from the sun in the desert or tropical environments their species originated from, and the easiest and cheapest way you can provide this is with these exclusive light bulbs from Swell.

These basking bulbs are perfect for lizard setups and snake setups, thanks to their high light and heat output which naturally enhances the colour vision of reptiles.

Why buy a Swell basking bulb?

There is a wide selection of basking bulbs currently on the market, including bulbs from Lucky Reptile, Reptile Systems, Zoo Med and Exo Terra. However, our Swell Basking Heat Lamps efficiently tighten their light into a single focused beam which provides your reptile with the natural warmth and UVA rays that they require to stay happy and healthy. Also, as these basking bulbs are from Swell's own range, we can offer them at an unbeatable price.

Can I use a regular bulb for a basking light?

While it is popular amongst some reptile keepers to use a typical domestic bulb over a basking site, these bulbs are not designed for this use and are likely to prove inefficient. A basking bulb has a flat, frosted base to create a wide area of diffused light that is less likely to harm or overheat your reptile.

Do basking bulbs give off heat?

Yes, basking bulbs give off both heat and light to stimulate the metabolism of reptiles, such as Bearded dragons, and other cold-blooded animals. The heat and light aid wellbeing by helping your reptile absorb calcium and prevent metabolic bone disease.

What is the difference between the bulbs in this range?

The natural warmth provided by these screw-fitting lamps will also encourage your reptile's healthy feeding and digestion and are available in 35W, 50W, 60W, 75W, 100W and 150W sizes. The 35W, 50W, 60W and 75W are all R63 63mm diameter bulbs, while the higher wattage 100W is an R80 80mm diameter bulb and the 150W is an R95 95mm diameter bulb.



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