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Swell Desert 10% UVB Lamps

Ideal light source Bearded dragons, Uromastyx and Agamids

At a glance...
  • Desert 10% UVB lamps available in a range of wattages
  • Provides a mix of 10% UVB rays, as well as UVA rays
  • Ideal for desert reptiles
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Swell Desert 10% UVB Lamps are perfect for reptiles such as bearded dragons, blue-tongued skink, frilled lizards, Uromastyx and agamids. It provides a mix of 10% UVB rays, as well as UVA rays.

The 10% UVB is required by desert species because in their natural habitat they are exposed to the constant glare of the sun without cloud or tree cover. The light's UVA rays and 10% UVB stimulate appetite, digestion, reproduction and convert UVB into vitamin D for calcium, ensuring healthy bone structure.

This is an essential factor in the health and wellbeing of all desert reptiles, and you should replace your UV lighting tubes every 4-6 months to ensure their potency.


  • 15W, 18" / 45cm
  • 18W, 24" / 60cm
  • 25W, 30" / 75cm
  • 30W, 36" / 91cm
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