Swell Desert 10% UVB Lamps

Reptile UV T8 Bulb for Bearded dragons, Uromastyx and Agamids

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  • Desert 10% UVB lamps available in a range of wattages
  • Provides a mix of 10% UVB rays, as well as UVA rays
  • Ideal for desert reptiles
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What are Swell Desert 10% UVB Lamps?

Swell Desert 10% UVB Lamps are UVB bulbs with a high output range similar to the Arcadia Reptile Euro Range Desert 10% bulb and boast excellent colour emissions. These bulbs are made to the very highest quality and will work with most lamps to produce usable UVB light that helps develop more naturally coloured animals that are healthier and happier. As with many competitive lamps, these long-life bulbs produce a mixture of both 10% UVB rays and standard UVA rays.

Which reptiles benefit from 10% UVB Lamps?

These UVB lamps, typically, are required by desert species because in their natural habitat they are exposed to the constant glare of the sun without cloud or tree cover. They emit upper levels of UVB rays and are perfect for reptiles such as Bearded dragons, Blue-tongued skinks, Frilled lizards, Uromastyx and agamids. 

Why do reptiles require UVB light?

Both UVA and UVB light are essential factors in the health and well-being of all desert reptiles. This light's UVA rays and 10% UVB stimulate appetite, digestion, reproduction and the conversion of UVB into vitamin D for calcium, ensuring healthy bone structure and reducing the risk of metabolic bone disease. It is important that your pets receive a balanced UVA to UVB ratio as an imbalance can be harmful.

How often should you replace your UVB bulbs?

You should replace your UV lighting tubes every 4-6 months to ensure their potency. By doing this regularly you will see huge improvements and excellent colours in your pets.



Brand Swell
UVB? Yes
UVB Output 10%
UVA? Yes
Fitting T8


Model Length Wattage
SWLR0194 18'' 15W
SWLR0195 24'' 18W
SWLR0196 30'' 25W
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