Swell Compact Desert 10% UVB Lamps

Provide the nurturing light support that your desert-dwelling reptiles need

At a glance...
  • Compact lamp with high UVB output
  • High D3 conversion
  • Ideal for all desert dwelling reptiles
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Swell Compact Desert 10% UVB Lamps are tailor-made for the unique demands of desert reptiles that require the continuous ultra-violet rays in order to stay healthy, just like in their natural habitat where they are exposed to the constant glare of the sun, without cloud or tree cover.

As well as benefiting from a handy compact design, the light's UVA rays and 10% UVB stimulate appetite, digestion and reproduction. But most importantly, this light provides the essential vitamin D that allows your desert reptile to produce calcium and ensuring healthy bone structure.

Compact light units such as this are noted for being much better suited to smaller tanks and also have a smaller spread of up to 20 inches. This allows a great range of light and heat while requiring less energy than a larger light. These nifty self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps don't need an expensive additional power supply, and for easy installation connect securely to a standard ES screw fitting lamp holder.

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