Arcadia ProT5 Kit - 7% ShadeDweller

Reptile light canopies that are ready to plug and play

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  • Dedicated lighting for shade dwelling, or crepuscular species
  • Features a curved reflector that creates a UV-rich basking area
  • Includes T5 UVB tube
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What is this Pro T5 UVB Kit from Arcadia?

The Arcadia Pro T5 UVB and Mini T5 UVB Shadedweller range are specially designed terrarium and vivarium lighting kits that provide essential uv energy beneath them for crepuscular species. These modern reptile-keeping kits provide UV-rich light with 7% UVB along with a lower 17% UVA, which has been designed specifically with crepuscular species in mind. The bulb used in the ProT5 UVB kit is an 8W T5 (30cm/12") full-spectrum bulb, so it is very energy efficient for a dedicated lighting system and helps to provide essential vitamin D3.

What is the difference between the ProT5 and Mini T5?

Arcadia Shade Dweller Kits come in two size options, the Pro T5 and Mini T5, both coming with an 8W ShadeDweller bulb. The only difference between each kit is the size of the bulb and the kit as a whole. Both kits include a fitting kit, reflector and can act as dedicated lighting systems for standard-sized enclosures, however, the Pro T5 UVB kit is better suited to a large wooden vivarium while the Mini T5 is better for a smaller glass vivarium. 

What are crepuscular species?

Crepuscular species tend to hide away during the day and prefer dawn and dusk for investigating. These kits offer lower light which means it is more natural lighting for them, whilst still providing the very best in quality UVB. This is ideal for Leopard geckos, Crested geckos and many snake species, such as Corn snakes, King snakes, Milk snakes and Rat snakes, especially those kept in the "light and shade" method.

How do I set up this professional lighting kit?

These kits are stand-alone units and ready to plug and play with the included fittings kit. However, up to 10 units can be linked together via the single power cable and free link cable included, creating a larger unit for more spacious areas. 

The easy-to-use ProT5 Kit can be fixed easily inside a vivarium or even hung within an enclosure (where safe to do so). Its sleek design and specially curved reflector will ensure that you use less space but project as much light forward as possible. The MiniT5 is best for internal fitting, in more shallow enclosures where the light is located closer to the animal, at a distance of around 20 - 30cm.


Ultra-Violet Index

Height ProT5 UV Index MiniT5 UV Index
250mm 0.80 0.65
300mm 0.65 0.53
375mm 0.45 0.42
450mm 0.30 0.25


Fitting T5
Wattage 8W


Product ProT5 MiniT5
Length 340mm 315mm
Lamp T5 300mm T5 16mm
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