Arcadia LampGuard Pro

Reptile light guard to maintain maximum UVB levels

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  • Versatile lamp cage system that protects animals and UV lamps
  • Maintains maximum levels of essential UVB
  • Easy to fit unit
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What is the Arcadia LampGuard Pro?

The Arcadia LampGuard Pro range is a selection of innovative lamp guards that are designed to fit over T5 and T8 bulbs and protect animals whilst letting as much light as possible pass through the mesh to reach your pets. The mesh has been designed by experts and uses a specially chosen mesh size, shape and paint colour as well as a thick gloss coating to enhance the light coming from your hot lamp. Unlike commercial mesh coverings, which reduce light flow by 40%, the Arcadia LampGuard Pro reduces the total light energy by just 15%. 

What are the features of the Arcadia LampGuard Pro?

The Arcadia LampGuard Pro has many features that set it apart from any other UV lamp caging system. It features multiple cable ingress points, allowing you to hook up and hardware or controllers you require while ensuring as much light as possible passes through the mesh. This Arcadia lamp guard is also rust-resistant, so you can wipe it down and clean it with ease.

Why do I need a lamp guard?

It's important that we keep curious animals away from heat bulbs as they can cause serious harm to themselves and the enclosure as a whole. It's common to find snakes, small lizards, frogs and inverts coiling around or sitting on a hot element, which can often lead to serious burns and other injuries. It also helps guide electrical cables away, which will protect them from heat and UV degradation.

Which bulbs can the Arcadia LampGuard Pro be used with?

As there are a variety of sizes to choose from, you can pair your LampGuard Pro with Acardia's T8 6%, T8 12%, ShadeDweller, T5 High Output, ProT5 6% and ProT5 14% as well as a wide selection of lamps from other brands. Check the size and Wattage of the bulb you are intending to use below to ensure you have the right guard for your setup.

How do I set up the Arcadia LampGuard Pro?

The LampGuard Pro is installed with 4 screws, making it easy to install with a wide range of light fittings and types. Each of the fittings has been fitted with hinges to allow just 2 screws to be removed for quick and easy bulb changes.



Brand Arcadia
Width 100mm/4″
Depth 50mm/2″


Product Suitable wattage Length Suitable Arcadia lamp
LampGuardPro 510mm 8/14/15W 510mm/20" T8 Standard/ShadeDwellerPro/MiniT5
LampGuardPro 660mm 15/18/20/24W 660mm/26" T8 Standard/T5 High Output/ProT5
LampGuardPro 810mm 25W 810mm/32" T8 Standard
LampGuardPro 960mm 30/39W 960mm/38" T8 Standard/T5 High Output/ProT5
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