Swell T5 Lighting Kits

Powerful T5 lighting kits for all reptile species

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  • Powerful T5 lighting kits with a choice of T5 tube
  • Suitable for all reptile species
  • Available in a range of wattages and lengths
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Swell T5 Lighting Kits last longer and promote better health in your reptile.
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What are Swell T5 Lighting Kits?

Swell T5 Lighting Kits allow you to easily and conveniently install your T5 lighting in your vivarium or terrarium. As a plug-and-play kit with all fittings included, these T5 reptile lighting units come complete with a built-in reflector to ensure optimum output for your reptiles and a power cable. A choice of T5 24W, 39W or 54W bulbs are available to complete the kit. Suitable for glass terrariums, paludariums and vivariums, this energy-saving T5 UVB lighting kit provides UVB for reptiles which promotes the absorption of calcium.

What are the benefits of T5 UVB tube lights?

Reptiles and amphibians benefit from high-quality lighting and lighting is an essential part of reptile care. UVB bulbs allow reptiles to metabolise vitamin D3 which helps them to properly assimilate the calcium provided in their diet and prevent serious health conditions such as metabolic bone disease (MBD).

In terms of space-saving and cost-effectiveness T5 reptile lighting is the best option for medium to large enclosures. T5 bulbs are similar to T8 bulbs but are slimmer and produce more UVB per watt, making them more powerful and energy-efficient. They emit adequate amounts of UVB for about 12 months before they cease to function.

What are the features of these reptile UV T5 lighting kits?

Swell T5 Lighting Kits are built with an aluminium alloy shell to dissipate heat efficiently. Easy to install, each kit comes with a 1.5 m power cable with an independent switch for practicality and a high-quality reflector to improve the UVB output. Depending on your enclosure type, Swell T5 Lighting Kits are great for desert species such as Bearded dragons. In taller enclosures where UV has further to penetrate, these lighting kits can also be used for Chameleons and Day geckos.

Is a T5 tube lamp easy to install?

Yes, a T5 tube light can be installed quickly and easily. You simply align the pins on both ends of the lamp with the notches of the lamp holder and press them in gently. Turn the lamp clockwise or counter clockwise 90 degrees and you will hear a ‘click’. This means the tube lamp is fixed into position and ready to use.

Product Swell T5 Lighting Kit 24W Swell T5 Lighting Kit 39W Swell T5 Lighting Kit 54W
Dimensions 575 x 58 x 42 mm 875 x 58 x 42 mm 1175 x 58 x 42 mm
Max. Wattage 24W 39W 54W
Power cable 1.5 m 1.5 m 1.5 m
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