Arcadia ProT5 Kit - Dragon 14%

Easy to use and allows easy linking of further tubes

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  • Comes with a high-output T5 14% tubelight
  • Available in 3 sizes and wattages
  • Links up to multiple kits
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These high output T5 complete kits are ideal for installing within a vivarium, but can also be installed outside, over a mesh top enclosure. They come in a choice of three sizes, 24w, 39w and 54w, so you can find the correct size for your enclosure.

Theses units come complete and ready to install, though can be linked together, up to 10 units into one. They are the professional choice for essential UV-B, and come with the reflector and your chosen bulb. Just install, link if needed, and then turn them on.

The ProT5Kit is small but mighty. This is due to the type of reflector that is included. This easy to remove and clean reflector has 2 angles of reflection from the side of each curve. This means that ProT5 projects high levels of UV rich light directly beneath unit at around 12"/30cm to create a basking zone but then also provides a wide flood as light spreads out over distance. This will allow you to create a suitable UV-B provision for any species and over a suitably wide area. The units are flicker free, and have a removable reflector, and include the power cable, switch, fittings kit, link cable and bulb.

The most powerful UVB bulb on the market, this 14% T5 tube is designed for high end UVB output, suitable for high UV output species such as Uromastyx, Agamids, African Tortoises, Iguanas and desert Monitors.

These species need a higher UV Index level, and these bulbs produced a better level than any other available. As typically required, these bulbs should be around 18-24" from the animal when used with a reflector, but can be closer if used without a reflector. Please be aware, that these should not be within a 12" inches of an animal if used with a reflector, as this can be dangerous. Used in an arboreal vivarium, where a pet can move further from the range, this wont be a problem.



Product Fitting Length Bulb
ProT5 Kit 14% 24w 570mm 550mm bulb (22")
ProT5 Kit 14% 39w 870mm 850mm bulb (34")
ProT5 Kit 14% 54w 1170mm 1150 bulb (46")

Please use the UV Index as a guide for the incorrect installation in your set up - removing the reflector will reduce the UVI level, and going through mesh will remove about 30-40%.


Distance 6% Forest UV Index 12% Desert UV Index 14% Dragon UV Index
12" 4.50 8.50 (TOO HIGH) 10.50 (TOO HIGH)
15" 3.60 6.50 7.00
20" 2.50 3.80 4.60
24" 1.20 2.40 3.20
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