Zoo Med Sand Scooper

Spot clean sand substrates to keep your enclosure clean

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  • Scoop for spot cleaning terrarium sand substrates
  • Angled edge for cleaning corners
  • Can filter waste from substrate
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Keep your reptile substrate looking its' very best with a Zoo Med Repti Sand Scooper at a great price from Swell Reptiles.

Your lizard or snake won't always be too fussy about where it decides to leave its' waste, and when its left on the substrate floor, the best way to get rid of it is with a reptile poop-scoop like this Zoo Med Repti Sand Scooper.

Generally referred to as Spot Cleaning, the scoops fine mesh means that as your scoop the sand holding your reptile's faecal matter, the sand is sieved through, returning to the vivarium and leaving your with the dried excrement. We know this doesn't sound too pleasant, but any experienced reptile keeper knows the constant pains of substrate changes, and doing this means you can leave your substrate a little longer, saving you money too!

The Zoo Med Sand Scooper measures 10.5 inches long and is available from Swell Reptiles at a brilliant price.

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