Komodo Tortoise Eco Terrain

A premium arid tortoise terrain

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  • A mixture of soil and sand substrate
  • Allows tortoises to dig freely
  • 10 litre bag contains plenty to fill most enclosures
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A fantastic blend of soil and sand for burrowing species, ideal for any tortoise coming from an arid climate and even some other lizards.

What is Komodo Tortoise Eco Terrain?

Komodo Tortoise Eco Terrain is a tortoise substrate designed to emulate the natural environment of arid species. As a soil and sand mix, it helps to encourage normal burrowing behaviour while also absorbing any waste. The Tortoise Eco Terrain 10l bags give you enough to create a deep layer of substrate, ideal for burrowing. However, if you have a particularly large enclosure, you may want to consider stocking up on a few bags.

How do I set up this tortoise terrain?

Add tortoise terrain like any other substrate, by slowly filling your tortoise table and spreading it evenly. To encourage natural digging you will want to create quite a deep substrate layer. We recommend about 5cm of substrate for juvenile tortoises and then a bit more for adults. If you are unsure, we recommend a depth of about half the height of your tortoise's shell.

Is this terrain right for my tortoise?

Tortoise Eco Terrain aids desert-dwelling tortoises, such as the Mediterranean tortoises and Russian tortoises, but it does little for tropical species. Ensure that your tortoise prefers an arid enclosure before adding this substrate.

How do I look after this terrain?

You should spot-check your tortoise terrain daily to remove any soiled areas where waste has been absorbed. We then recommend doing a full substrate change about every 2-3 weeks to keep your pet's home clean and tidy.



Brand Komodo
Weight 9.41kg
Volume 10 litres
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