Swell Reptiles Grass Pellets

Bedding, substrate and feed for tortoise enclosures

At a glance...
  • Grass pellets for tortoise bedding and food
  • Absorbent pellets reduce waste and bad smells
  • 10 litre bag contains plenty to fill most enclosures
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This is a great tool for tortoise keepers, they make great bedding and can also stand in as a food supplement in a pinch.

What are Swell Reptiles Grass Pellets?

Swell Reptiles Grass Pellets are a rich reptile substrate and feed designed for tortoises and reptiles with poor teeth. Naturally sweet and free from artificial flavours, these pellets are loved by vegetable-eating reptiles and can be eaten as part of a balanced diet with a natural trickle feeding rate. The pellets also serve as a partial hay replacer ideal for tortoise bedding and tortoise table substrate.

What are the benefits of Swell Reptiles Grass Pellets?

Each pure fibre pellet offers loads of benefits to both you and your reptile. They are super absorbent, so they can pick up waste when used as a substrate or be fed soaked, ideal to tempt fussy feeders. Free from artificial flavours and highly digestible, the pellets are easy on your pet's digestive system too, making a good swap for junk food like some snack balls and treats. They make a very good chew fibre for grazers and will reduce boredom, a common issue in tortoises.



Suitable for Tortoise enclosures
Volume 10 litres
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