Swell Reptiles Tortoise Soil

A soil substrate to simulate your tortoise's natural habitat

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  • A mixture of soil and sand substrate
  • Allows tortoises to dig freely
  • 10 litre bag contains plenty to fill most enclosures
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This soil encourages natural digging behaviours in tortoises and looks much more natural than other types of bedding for their enclosure.
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What is Swell Reptiles Tortoise Soil?

Swell Reptiles Tortoise Soil is one of our best tortoise substrates and is a loose substrate made up of soil and sand. As it is made from natural substrates, it helps transform a tortoise's enclosure or tortoise table into somewhere more welcoming, ultimately relaxing your tortoise. Like other loose substrates, it's good for drainage and will absorb some waste, reducing odour. To reduce the risk of shell rot, we recommend replacing the soil completely once a month.

What are the benefits of Swell Reptiles Tortoise Soil?

Tortoise soil has many benefits in a tortoise enclosure. If you are keeping a tortoise species that enjoys digging, the combination of sand and soil makes it particularly good for burrowing species. This substrate will serve as a bedding material for some species but it can also be combined with tortoise bedding or even sphagnum moss if you feel your pet tortoise needs it. The soil performs well under a heat lamp and overall makes for one of the best tortoise substrate options.



Suitable for Tortoise enclosures
Volume 10 litres
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