ProRep Leo Life 10kg

Sand substrate designed for Leopard geckos

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  • Desert substrate that is ideal for ground lizards from dry, arid regions, such as Leopard geckos
  • Designed to mimic a natural sandy soil environment
  • Encourages digging and foraging
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This substrate has been designed specifically for Leopard Geckos, as well as other dry region species. Featuring a sand and soil mix that is more natural to reptiles, rather than a pure sand which is often provided for desert species.

This provides a realistic looking and feeling substrate that allows for plant growth, by holding humidity in the lower levels, exactly as natural soil and earth would do. This means that the deeper the reptile burrows, the more humid the environment becomes, exactly as they would expect. This means that pets such as Leopard Geckos can have natural hides and burrows which will help with their shedding, rather than providing unnatural looking "wet boxes".

It is possible to allow the substrate to dry out across an area, but spray a specific section or burrow, creating a natural localised humidity for your reptile to take advantage off as needed.


  • Simply spread over the floor of the enclosure.
  • Provide a deeper layer of substrate for species that like to dig or burrow.
  • Suitable for any desert species of reptile.
  • Suitable for planting live plants, though they are best left in pots rather than being transplanted.
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