Swell Premium Aspen Bedding

Aspen substrate for snakes, tortoises and lizards

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  • A soft substrate that is dust-free
  • Aspen shavings made from softwood
  • Two sizes available
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I use a lot of this bedding to give my hamsters a deep substrate to burrow in, this is the best I've used, it's perfect for them and holds burrows better than any other substrate. These prices are the best I've found and delivery is always quick too.

What is Swell Premium Aspen Bedding?

Aspen bedding is a substrate for Corn snakes, Milk snakes and King snakes as well as Blue-tongued skinks, Monitor lizards, Guinea pigs and many other exotic pets. Aspen bedding is made from aspen wood shavings which offer soft bedding that is more absorbent than paper bedding or fleece bedding. Aspen bedding makes it easy to clean up waste and the wood is soft. It's particularly good for small animals and small pets as it is light and loose.

What is Aspen bedding used for?

This natural woody substrate is ideal for species that like to burrow and makes clearing up mess clean and easy. For a clean fresh-smelling vivarium, add a one-inch layer and replace the soiled substrate each week. Replace the entire substrate every six weeks. In larger enclosures, such as a Guinea pig cage, you may need to add more to absorb moisture from waste and give plenty of material for burrowing.

What is Aspen bedding made of?

Aspen bedding, whether you buy it online or at a pet store, is made from natural aspen wood. Unlike pine, aspen wood shavings don't have any aromatic oils and make a highly absorbent bedding. The wood is shaved, kiln dried and dust-free to make it into the popular bedding. As a natural substrate, aspen bedding is also a renewable resource, so you can make use of it guilt-free.

Is Aspen Bedding safe?

Aspen bedding is non-toxic and completely safe for your pet to use. Unlike other wood shavings, such as cedar and pine, which can be toxic or break into harmful splinters, this bedding is certain to be safe for your hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards and snakes.



Material Wood Shavings


Product Volume
SWLR0350 10 litres
SWLR0351 20 litres


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