Swell Premium Orchid Bark Fine

Fine, orchid bark chips for rainforest setups

At a glance...
  • Fine, woody substrate that is perfect for any rainforest setups
  • Retains moisture and can be used to raise humidity
  • Great for forest dwelling species and amphibians
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Swell Premium Orchid Bark Fine is a woody bark substrate that is perfect for any rainforest lizard such as crested geckos or chameleons. It is a natural substrate and takes in a lot of moisture, making it ideal for frogs and salamanders.


Swell Premium Orchid Bark Fine is perfect in a rainforest or tropical environment for example in vivariums for crested geckos, frogs and salamanders. It can also be used for woodland pets like snakes.

The bark is dark and woody and holds added moisture very well. By spraying the substrate, the heat of the viv creates humidity. Like all our own brand substrates, it is compostable when you've finished with it.

Because the substrate becomes moist and woody like a forest floor it also encourages burrowing. The thick pieces of substrate are easy to scoop up and clean.

Add a one-inch layer and replace soiled substrate each week. Replace the entire substrate every six weeks.

Orchid Bark is available in 10L and 20L bags.

At a glance:

  • Ideal for crested geckos
  • Perfect substrate for frogs or salamanders
  • Can be used a substrate for snakes
  • Cheaper than big name brands
  • Holds moisture - ideal for tropical rainforest environment
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