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Swell Terrarium Moss

The ideal flooring for moist jungle and rainforest enclosures

At a glance...
  • A thick sheet of moss for terrarium flooring
  • Living terrarium moss suitable for moist and humid conditions
  • Available in both natural and green colours
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Swell Terrarium Moss is a natural sphagnum moss substrate that is ideal for boosting humidity in your terrarium. This 100g compressed moss brick looks just like chipboard, but magically expands to about four or five litres when soaked in water.

The moss is ideal for encouraging shedding and can be placed in a snake's cave, tunnel or hide. It is also ideal for some geckos, tree frogs and spiders and is available in green colouring. Each brick measures around 20cm x 10cm x 1cm (8" x 4" x 0.4") and expands to make about four or five litres of moss.

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