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Swell Premium Soft Chip Reptile Bedding

Perfect substrate for Corn snakes, Milk snakes, Blue tongued skinks and Monitor lizards

At a glance...
  • Soft woody chip reptile bedding
  • Versatile substrate for Snakes, Tortoises and Lizards
  • Ideal for burrowing
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Soft Chip Bedding is a versatile substrate for snakes, tortoises and lizards, such as Royal pythons. It is soft and woody and easy to clean. It is similar to Aspen bedding and can be used in exactly the same way.


Soft Chip bedding is a perfect substrate for corn snakes, milk snakes and king snakes as well as blue tongued skinks, monitor lizards and many other exotic pets.

The substrate is very similar to Aspen but the wood chips are slightly bigger and more irregular with an attractive pine colour. Some customers prefer this to Aspen, saying it seems softer.

In appearance the Soft Chip Bedding is a cross between Aspen and Hemp and is cheaper than both. So if you are already using Hemp or Aspen - you may find Soft Chip a better and more affordable alternative.

This natural woody substrate is ideal for species that like to burrow and makes clearing up mess clean and easy.

Like all our Premium bedding, Soft Chip is fully compostable. It is available in 5L, 10L and 20L bags.

At a glance:

  • Perfect substrate for corn snakes, milk snakes and king snakes
  • Ideal for blue tongued skinks and monitor lizards
  • Clean and fresh smelling
  • Ideal for burrowing
  • Cheaper than big name brands

Since this is a new product we sent it to some customers to review it for us. Here is some of their feedback.

Genuine customer reviews:

"I have decided I'm going to continue using it because it has made my life that much easier, previously my Mexican Black Kingsnake had been throwing her waterbowl around which resulted in her enclosure getting extremely humid and it resulted in her getting skin problems... This has turned me towards using loose substrates after 2 and a half years of refusing to use them!"

"I do think it feels somewhat softer than normal aspen too which I thought to be a good thing. My Milksnake instantly burrowed when putting him back inside the enclosure and for burrowing it was [is] great for burrowing species."

"It also smells really nice and when putting it in my reptile room had a really nice smell of fresh bedding, which surprised me how well it overcome the smell of reptiles."

"I found it to be very absorbent leaving nothing underneath the area, therefore it is more hygienic than normal substrate."

"I think the substrate is excellent."

"I spread it across my cornsnake's viv which houses two adults, and three faunariums which house a yearling cornsnake, two hatchling corns and the last one which houses a CB11 ball python. The adult corns did seem to enjoy the bedding, seemed easier for them to move it around in the viv and my female likes to burrow and hide herself, she is active most the time and could easily form mounds of the substrate against the side of the viv, then she would just vanish into it!"

"It was great [at absorbing faeces], soaked up all the wetness involved and was easier to scoop out enough to get rid of the offender without taking masses of the substrate away, it also sticks together pretty well around the mess."

"It would seem they enjoy it more than their usual aspen bedding."

"All in all a great product, maybe takes a little more to get the coverage of my usual aspen which is quite a bit chunkier. Easy to clean out the messy bits and seems to soak up any wetness well."

"Just wanted to give you some feed back on the substrate. Lovely and soft, not too dusty. Very absorbent, I have actually been using it as cat litter too and it has really masked any odours. I'm very impressed, great product."

"Its been fab so far, my snakes have seemed more lively instead of just burrowing."

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