ProRep Viv Clean Disinfectant

Ensure a clean and healthy environment in which your reptile can thrive

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  • Disinfectant ideal for vivariums, feeding bowls and work surfaces
  • Destroys bacteria including salmonella
  • Will not stain or corrode decor
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Vivarium hygiene is important to the health of your reptile, and so a safe vivarium disinfectant like ProRep Viv Clean is essential to ensuring a clean and healthy environment in which your reptile can thrive.

Specially formulated for use with reptiles, ProRep Viv Clean disinfectant contains no phenols, ensuring it is safe for your lizard or snake, but will effectively remove and breakdown any harmful bacteria in your reptile's habitat, including things like salmonella. It can be used on all vivarium surfaces, including your rep's feeding bowls, water dispensers and other decoration.

Carefully created, it won't stain or corrode any of your reptile's furnishings, and its made from biodegradable ingredients so it won't leave a residue of its' own either.

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