Swell Premium Beech Chips Fine

Natural substrate in firm, square chips perfect for Bearded dragons and Tortoise

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At a glance...
  • Natural beech chips
  • Suitable substrate for many reptiles
  • Loose substrate allows the animal to burrow
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Swell Premium Beech Chips are a perfect substrate for bearded dragons, tortoises and other reptiles, They are a natural, clean smelling substrate that will make your vivarium look great and also act as a comfortable bedding for your reptile. Best of all, because it's an own brand as part of Swell's brand match, you have the quality while also saving money when compared to big name brands. Swell Quality... Better price.


Swell Premium Beech Chips are a natural substrate in firm, square chips that are perfect for bearded dragons, tortoises and other reptiles.

Unlike Aspen bedding for example which looks more like shavings, beech chips are less splintery and therefore more comfortable for animals like tortoises.

The chips are a natural beech colour and a natural, clean smelling bedding that will make your viv look great.

Beech chips are available in 10L and 20L bags. Beech forests are among the most sustainable on the planet.

At a glance:

  • Natural beech chips
  • Woody chips are comfortable for reptiles
  • Perfect for tortoises, snakes and bearded dragons
  • Cheaper than big name brands
  • Easy to clean and fresh smelling
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