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Tortoise Week, PLUS get £16 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

Swell Digital On/Off Thermostat

Accurately control the temperature of your reptile enclosure

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  • Reliable and accurate on/off digital thermostat
  • Handles up to 1000W easily
  • Temperature control range of 5-42°C
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Simple and effective, perfect for running heat mats.

What is the Swell Digital On/Off Thermostat?

Swell Reptiles Digital On/Off Thermostat allows you to accurately control the temperature of your heat mat, ensuring your reptile is kept at the perfect heat. On/off thermostats are used to turn non-visual heat sources, ideally heat mats, on or off depending on the temperature required in the enclosure. With accurate digital settings on a screen, just three simple buttons and a great temperature range, this reptile heating thermostat is a safe and efficient way to regulate heat.

What are the benefits of controlling heat mats?

It's generally a good idea to control reptile heating equipment to make sure housing is kept at the correct temperature. The Swell digital thermostat is excellent for controlling heat mats to try to keep a stable pre-set temperature. It monitors the heat within your enclosure and switches your heat source on or off to regulate it. If you are setting up a heating system with a heat mat, this on/off thermostat is a great choice.

How do you adjust a heat mat stat thermostat?

Extremely easy to set up, simply connect your heat mat to the socket on the mat stat, position the sensor in the vivarium and set the temperature on the front of the thermostat.



Temperature setting 1-degree increments
Max load Compatible with equipment up to 1000W
Max amps 4.5A
Input/output voltage 230V
Temperature control range 5-42°C

Temperature display range 0-60°C

Power light


Load indicator light Yes
Plug included  3 prong grounded electrical plug 
Saves current program after powering off  Yes
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