ProRep Cloth Element Heat Mats

Easy, effective enclosure heating

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  • Produces ultra long wavelength infrared heat
  • To be used with a thermostat
  • Come in a choice of sizes to suit your needs
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The ProRep Cloth Element Heat Mats offer you exceptional quality, and come in this standard range, or as a high output heat mat alternative, to offer more power, and therefore more heat, per square inch.

ProRep's Cloth heat mats work by producing an ultra long wavelength infra red heat, which is invisible to the human eye, and is ideal for heating furnishings in the cage rather than just the air. This concept is very similar to the sun, and seen as reptiles absorb this in a manner very similar to basking in a natural environment, its the perfect option.

The choice of heat mat size and installation method will depend very much on the requirements of the species and the design and size of the set up. Supplementary heating may be required for species that require a more intense heat or localised basking spots to raise their body temperature sufficiently.

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